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University of California Davis Medical Center
Hazardous Materials Assessment

Hazardous Materials Assessment for Major Renovations

This project involved major remodel/renovations of the 3rd & 4th floors of Davis Tower at UC Davis Medical Center.  This building is a Level 1 trauma center in the Sacramento area covering >140 acres and $1.3 billion operating revenue in 2012. Vista successfully provided hazardous materials assessment, including reviewing and incorporating many data sources into the bid and construction documents.  We supplemented historic data with survey information to present complete information for the project.

After review of all available data, Vista performed a supplemental hazardous materials survey in the Tower to gain a more accurate picture of on-site conditions to protect all parties involved in the project. Clear compilation of all historic and current data resulted in streamlined submittal process and reduced Requests for Information. This allowed for easy identification of hazardous materials in the path of construction, as well as guidance to insure compliance with regulatory agencies.

Vista provided support during the Bid Phase and during the first quarter of construction. Approximately 26,000 feet of regulated asbestos-containing material was removed, including fire proofing & pipe insulation, Class I & II work for asbestos removal. Other hazardous materials involved include Lead, PCBs, and ozone depleting chemicals. Background air sampling was performed to protect client and contractors and to set expectation on-site. Due to the fact that daily operations were maintained in the hospital during abatement, extra care was taken to insure nearby occupants were not exposed to hazardous materials or nuisances from the job site.