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San Leandro Unified School District
Hazardous Materials Consulting

San Leandro Unified School District Modernization

Vista Environmental Consulting (Vista) has been working with the San Leandro Unified School District on their modernization projects since 2007. Vista has performed comprehensive hazardous materials surveys, cost estimates, and hazardous materials renovation/demolition design of over 75 buildings on 15 campuses.  The surveys included a detailed inventory of asbestos containing materials, asbestos in soil, lead-based and lead containing components, PCB ballasts and transformers, universal waste, and soil contamination including heavy metals, pesticides and natural occurring asbestos soils imported at the time of original construction for compaction.  The compaction material was used in and around footings, under athletic tracks and in areas where it was anticipated that future construction may be needed.

At one site it was discovered by the team that there was a high presence of pesticides adjacent to structures and large areas in athletic fields.  Working with the client’s representative, an estimate was given to the client on the amount of soil that would be needed to be removed to assure that the site could be reused as a school site according to the State of California, Department of Toxic Substances.  The team worked with the team to assure that during the demolition of the super structures that the tainted soil was not disturbed. The team was involved in the remediation monitoring and the demolition of the structures.

Over the past seven years, Vista was involved in numerous hazardous materials assessments, design (drawings and specifications), and remediation monitoring projects on all campuses.  The work included modernization of campuses, window replacement for noise abatement, MEP upgrades, ADA upgrades and reroofing of almost all campuses. In addition to the hazardous materials commonly found, Vista has had to consult on biological materials that are no longer legal to own, Indoor Air Quality issues, Water Quality problems, underground contaminates, fungal infiltration, chemicals, unstable explosive chemicals and low level radiation sources.