Urban Renewal

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Mission Bay Development
Hazardous Materials Assessment & Remediation

20-Building Redevelopment

Mission Bay Development in San Francisco was accomplished in preparation for the commercial, residential and educational re-development of the property. The buildings that were part of this project included numerous warehouses, offices, a roller hockey facility, a restaurant, a concrete manufacturing facility, a pump station, an RV campsite, and the Bluepeter Building. Vista Environmental Consulting (Vista) oversaw and performed hazardous materials assessment, cost estimates, remediation design specifications, and remediation oversight management of over 20 buildings. The hazardous materials surveys included a detailed inventory of asbestos containing materials including subsurface piping and asbestos-containing rock and soil, lead-based and lead containing components, PCB ballasts and transformers, universal waste, and ozone depleting chemicals.

Remediation cost estimates were provided along with the survey reports.  Remediation design drawings were provided for use in project bidding. Vista’s key personnel were involved in assisting with the bid administration for the projects and conducted remediation oversight and air monitoring during the abatement of hazardous materials.